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I HAVE DECIDED TO be a celebrity chef

I HAVE DECIDED TO be a celebrity chef. But animal one only. There I was at the stove. The 3 musketeers just sitting there..Lizzie and the 2 cats...who think thy are her puppies. Completely avoiding their own dinners. So;;I decided to whip up an old brit recipe...cabbage,,potatoes and left overs..Bubble and Squeek...Now there's a great name...The 3 were delirious with joy...sounds of ecstacy...I gave them a tiny bit to taste..Forget the Miouw mix..Gone with the Beneful. Hmm. says I. next...Omelette with left over ham and onion bits. cartwheels of Paradise. You will see me on TV with my 3 advisors. can't get them to follow a script, but producers think if they miouw and bark at the commercials, it might work. Now, if I can come up with a great recipe for sardines, liver and vitamins, ...move over you pseudo celebrity whatsits..........Tootals

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