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The most dangerous room in the house

Therre's an ad that says the most dangerous room in your bathroom.. Of course they are selling cleaners.  But...I look in that mirror, and wonder...What happenes to the old younger me. Danger alert. I suppose i could smash the mirror, but that means buying a new one. Plus cleaning up the broken glass. dangerous. In my feet and fingers. Oops. sliding on the wet stuff I spill too. Then, there's the ride to the hospital. Glass embedded in ear.  Of course if I refuse to be vain, I don't look in said mirror. Or wear my glasses. Hey, now THERE'S a lovely thought. Except, I may squirt the cleaner on my hair, instead
of hairspray. Or squeeze thickener om toothbrush. Where's the toothpaste? Yes, my dears...the most dangerous room in the house...indeed...............Tootals

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