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The 2 cats really think the dog is their mum

The 2 cats really think the dog is their mum. That's really OK...but.......I put out their food,,up they jumped on the counter...circled around it.....No..that's not it mate.....alright...a different can of fancy feast....No..sorry's Wednesday...don't fancy it. Alright then...I shall feed Lizzie..the dog...who's not Quite as fussy. Out comes the trusty can opener. OOps..almost got my finger there. Seven A.M is not really my choice of hour. Right? Well, at least the dog is a reliable source, always eager to please. excuse me, et tu Brutus? She turns up her canine black button nose, and stalks off. Too much dear bloggers. But...the 2 cats have circled the wagons... Chomping on Lizzie's dish. She slowly returns, watches them. I think she's laughing. Nah. dogs definitely do not laugh. Foods gone. I sigh. She slowly pads over to the cat dish. eats every fishy morsel. The 3 of them compare notes. What shall we do tomorrow, to confuse her? Life is never dull around here folks.

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