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Dog Talk

so many things I miss about my dog lizzie. One of then is the
conversation. We talked a lot. At least, i did. She just listened. An
occasional "woof" now and then. if someone didn't clean up a mess on
the sidewalk, we complained to each other...If the cats were fighting,
I asked her to intervene.  She always asked to go out to do her thing.
We often talked about that. "Hey, it's cold out there". "Think we
should wear coats"? She would just wag her tail.  "Yes"  Many times,
lugging the vacuum cleaner to the bedroom , I would ask her if  she
would help. Closing doors. We would chat about problems we  had. Her
head on my lap. "Don't bother with all that stuff, "Just rub my head".
........ I imagine she is still with me............Tootals

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