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Who trains who

having had two much loved dogs, I was somewhat amused to hear my
friend's version of training her beagle. Apparently her leash became
tangled in the dog's paws. Over she went, sprawled on the grass. Dog
was so embarrassed, he licked her foot. Then tried to run away. After
all, he had his following to consider. He woke her next morning by
tearing off the blankets and woofing loudly. "OK" she mumbled". You
want to eat". Down they padded to the refrigerator. She was kneeling. 
Beagle trying to push her out of the way. Over she
went...again......Dog looking at her with great disdain. Having been
fed, my friend decided she might as well get ready for the office. Big
day, big meeting. So what if it was only 5 a.m. No, by golly, another
two hours of sleep was needed. Back to bed. Beagle was spread al over
the asleep.....More training definitely needed. ....for

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