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Superstitious? No, not me, luv..What a silly notion, walking under a
ladder is fatal? Black cats are an omen? Come on now, we must theow
away all these old tales. Now take my horoscope for instance. Please,
someone take it.I.m supposed to be on my guard against unforeseen
happenings. Shall I just hop back in to bed and read a good book? Or
will the bed collapse under me. Oh no. I defiantly brave the new day
and venture forth.  It seems we Libras have to work hard to be
understood. We're not really that indecisive, just non'judgemental.
Today;s read?.  There's a stranger lurking. Hope he has chocolates. So,
the truth is, we all have to be  in control, as much as possible
anyway. Away with superstition.  Incidently, my lucky number is

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