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ever notice when you go to a restaurant, its "table for 2?" No, I want
to be myself, I.m in a bad mood, sulking, ready to do karate chops,"
just One please. "

Oh dear, we are out there dearie aren't we." And then, looks are
directed at you. Hmm, she must be newly single. Wonder if her ex is
nice? I do have someone who's looking. dare I ask her? No, she may
throw something at me. But, on the other hand, if it's a male,  a sweet
wait person, female, will come over, and ask "what can I get you, or
are you still looking?" OK notebooks out kids, see if I'm almost right.

.I love my cell phone. But what is this thing for texting? I have 6
text messges  newly arrived from outer Mongolia. Has to be that place,
because i absolutely do not understand the language. Must be they
forgot the vowels, because "Fxs" among other stuff does not reach into
this fuzzy brain. I love quizes. Right there with the weekly pub bit
and newspaper. hands up for capitol of upper Ziparrsqutan. It stumped
me too. And everyone else. Spelling was way off. Anyway, dearies, be
kind to us ole creatures out there, just leave a message, we will
return the call. promise.

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