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We all make decisions. But  then we have to live with the results. Cut
back on TV says I. Self says "OK. I can do that". But then while I
read, I want to snack on something. Not good, because who can stop at
half a potato chip? Throw out the TV. No, can't do that. because guests
like to watch. OK stop inviting people to visit us. Nah, won't work,
because they won't want us to see them either. Solution> Just see the
programs that are worthwhile. Great. B

But...half the time I forget what I want to watch/

One of my 7 year old students is planning a campout in his back yard
with friends. They've made out a list of things to place in the tent.
First, the food. Then his dog. But I explained the dog may not want to
spend the whole night in the tent. "he can watch TV. He loves the ads
for dog food". Sorry, I should have known" says I. Then the list grows.
"Games, all my games. We really don;t need a flashlight, But maybe ,
just in case, Mom gets worried" " "My cell phone, you never know, calls
come in". It seems  its all planned. How fast they grow up, I muse.".
"Ooops, he says, "almost forgot, have to have my blankie".

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