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Its not the cell phones so the completely oblivious drivers. 
OK . how about the one who signaled left.  That's good I thought, even
if he's talking. maybe listening. ...But then ...he turned
right.....OK.. I braked in time.. But then, he rummaged in his glove
compt. Brought out his lunch. Fine, poor man has no time for a break. I
understand. Swerving across the double line,  he signaled right. On no
you don't, I smiled. Go ahead and turn left, see if I care. But...he
then decided not to turn...not this time anyway. Right now, if I;d had
his email. I would have invited him into McDonalds. Obviously, the poor
dear was deprived of nutrition. The brain does peculiar things when
that happens. Whoops, there's a police car pulling him over. I wonder
if he finished his lunch.

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