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Modern Art

As an art teacher, and artist, I admire all attempts at painting,
drawing, what have you. Seeing the lovely Autumn leaves fall, I.m
tempted to grab handfuls and throw them on my canvas.  maybe tread in
the paint and walk on it. Nope, that's been done. besides, I alway
forget to wipe my shoes.  Maybe just feet this time. OK, tried it.
forgot I had allergies. maybe one of the kindergarten tykes would like
to try something new... I explained; showed them different
pictures....Aha, good old Rembrandt. Van Dyke? Van Gogh. The one who
chucked paint? Good old Whatsisname.  So we decided to just experiment
with brushes and found objects.Twigs, flowers,acorn shells. "Success is
mine"." Lovely, they're really into this project. I'm incurring a love
of art."  Until, one dear little chap, turned to his table mate, and
said " let's humour her, she gets paid for this"...........

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