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Cross your fingers, say the words

have you noticed how many things we copy from our parents? i find myself tying cords with rubber bands. Then i have one heck of a time undoing them. My mother did that. Why? who knows. Avoiding coloured candies, because "they're harmful. Well, could be because of the sugar, but why not tell us that. Instead of thinking a spell was placed on them. Then the shoes. Oh those shoes. Kick them off at the door. Dirty? No my dears...bad luck in the house. Umbrellas not down in the doorway? Again, The bearer of badness will get you. Spit 3 times over your shoulder? Who knows. Just don't do it in public. The maven of Hygiene will haul you in. Make a wish the first of the month and look for white rabbits. That was my dad's. Who really wasn't superstitious....I wonder.....Friday night is mine. The whole bit. Candles, pray for peace and good health. Tootles

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