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There are places where weird people try

There are places where weird people try..and i do mean try... to act normal........Washington DC is not one of them. Living here in falls church, a mere 3 or 4 miles away from our beloved capital, I am constantly amused...or is it bemused? There isthe so called Iraqi "General" who struts arround the various Embassies, proclaiming his importance. Trouble is...he is being investigated for the murder of his wife. A prominent social doyen, who quietly went about her own life. But was apparently mistreated horribly at home. By the "general". Then there are the party-crashers. determined to make a name for themselves. They act so nonchalent, and happy...why didn't I think of that? Here in falls Church, we have the Govt people who work at the White House. Sophisticated and charming. Well, most of them anyway. Their kids emulate them. very sophisticated and Know it all. But still kids. Teaching At, as I do , I find myself laughing at things they say and do. laughing with them, and maybe agreeing. We were painting and glueing cut out pictures from newspapers. One child, covered in glue and paint, raised his hand. "Miss, are you SURE you know what you're doing" Then there was Mary, who whispered to her friend " I wonder which art school She came from"? But the nice thing is , when I'm not there, they do ask for me. Even the 4 year old who told me "WELL.. I suppose. Someone has to do it Important people in the community. Retired war heroes , people who've sacrificed much. Then there are the ones who are apprehended by police for molesting, armed robbery and car theft. Like any other small town,. Except dear folks . this is Washington.. and its burbs. As a pundit once said, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Twas ever thus."

You should know they each have a script in hand

you should know they each have a script in hand and are prompting me. That wouldn't be so bad, but now they are writing their own scripts. Aha, ihave the upper paw though. Who but I would understand Miow and Bark talk with a Virginia accent? Or is it Brit? Tootals.......

I HAVE DECIDED TO be a celebrity chef

I HAVE DECIDED TO be a celebrity chef. But animal one only. There I was at the stove. The 3 musketeers just sitting there..Lizzie and the 2 cats...who think thy are her puppies. Completely avoiding their own dinners. So;;I decided to whip up an old brit recipe...cabbage,,potatoes and left overs..Bubble and Squeek...Now there's a great name...The 3 were delirious with joy...sounds of ecstacy...I gave them a tiny bit to taste..Forget the Miouw mix..Gone with the Beneful. Hmm. says I. next...Omelette with left over ham and onion bits. cartwheels of Paradise. You will see me on TV with my 3 advisors. can't get them to follow a script, but producers think if they miouw and bark at the commercials, it might work. Now, if I can come up with a great recipe for sardines, liver and vitamins, ...move over you pseudo celebrity whatsits..........Tootals

The 2 cats really think the dog is their mum

The 2 cats really think the dog is their mum. That's really OK...but.......I put out their food,,up they jumped on the counter...circled around it.....No..that's not it mate.....alright...a different can of fancy feast....No..sorry's Wednesday...don't fancy it. Alright then...I shall feed Lizzie..the dog...who's not Quite as fussy. Out comes the trusty can opener. OOps..almost got my finger there. Seven A.M is not really my choice of hour. Right? Well, at least the dog is a reliable source, always eager to please. excuse me, et tu Brutus? She turns up her canine black button nose, and stalks off. Too much dear bloggers. But...the 2 cats have circled the wagons... Chomping on Lizzie's dish. She slowly returns, watches them. I think she's laughing. Nah. dogs definitely do not laugh. Foods gone. I sigh. She slowly pads over to the cat dish. eats every fishy morsel. The 3 of them compare notes. What shall we do tomorrow, to confuse her? Life is never dull around here folks.

So my dog starts growling

so my dog starts growling. "Big deal, he's so big, so what. They circle. Oh dear, I pull....and pull. cajole. Forget it. My darling sweet Lizzie is ready to...fight... Big dog bares his fangs....Then...sits and grins.. Licks Lizzie's pawa...then...peeuw..her rear... Lies down and meows. I give a sickly smile to the other owner. he says..It's OK. he loves everyone. Too bad Lizzie doesn't. I equivocate. "Don't they all". We head home. Lizzie prances. "Wasn't I the best?" Where's my treat. She deserves it. Another battle won....I think...Till the next time.

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