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Tootals from Eileen

Always read the manual

I love my new rental car. Yes, I was in an accident. A driver rolled out of a side street, not looking,, she hit my car. Now, here i am tooling along ... and decide to have music.  "AAgh" where's the button? OK it can wait til later. "It's ice in here, where's the heater?" Mustnt take my eyes off the road. Cars behind me. And I DO mean RIGHT BEHIND me. OK I can live with this. Lights on, no problem  Parking is a breeze....But wait. Door won't open.. Stay calm. Find the manual. Now
look kiddo, you really did not have to bang your head on the wheel.Well. of course, silly me. Press the button on the door handle. Now it opens. Door closes. It locks.  But wait. Forgot to put on the brake. Open door. Nope. Door is locked. Find key. OOps. Open trunk. Groceries. Turn key again. NOW OPEN TRUNK.  sTAGGER INSIDE  HOUSE . Always read manual before leaving dealer. Haha........Tootals

Crossword Addict

I have become a crossword addict. But it's very frustrating. Who knew that so many words have  changed. I think there should be new versions ..such as crosswords for people who have absolutely no idea that the "U' is no longer used in many words . "Color" is one of them  And "mom" is what we called "mum". The same thing is happening back in the UK. Couldn't do the puzzle there either. The answer is of course, to make up my own. The trouble is, the authors are are so clever. it just might be that I.m jealous.   Tootals

The most dangerous room in the house

Therre's an ad that says the most dangerous room in your bathroom.. Of course they are selling cleaners.  But...I look in that mirror, and wonder...What happenes to the old younger me. Danger alert. I suppose i could smash the mirror, but that means buying a new one. Plus cleaning up the broken glass. dangerous. In my feet and fingers. Oops. sliding on the wet stuff I spill too. Then, there's the ride to the hospital. Glass embedded in ear.  Of course if I refuse to be vain, I don't look in said mirror. Or wear my glasses. Hey, now THERE'S a lovely thought. Except, I may squirt the cleaner on my hair, instead
of hairspray. Or squeeze thickener om toothbrush. Where's the toothpaste? Yes, my dears...the most dangerous room in the house...indeed...............Tootals

How does one bribe a plant?

my plants really miss me when i have to leave town for a while. they obviously left messages for the whiz kids who now have come up with "plant sitters". They promise to water, fertilize and talk to them. I womder if it will be as it was, when my kids were little.  Do I receive a progress  report? Were they good? Miss daffodil ate all her dinner. But please...Mr brussels Sprouts threw his stuff across the room at her. They were really going at it...The sitter had to give them time
out. So tell does one bribe a plant?    Tootals

Cat Talk

Cats talk too. Except, they don't bother with  replies. They know best, it seems.  Dogs come over to you bacause they care.  Cats need to know what you have...for them......If you have been maybe rewarded with a horrible anything. Please don't ever say "ugh". You may never be given another one.  Cats preen. They know that Hollywood is looking. That Oscar night was such a bore. Did you know that a "Catscar" evening is in the offing? So much more exciting. ..Guests include  Colin Purrth..Stephen Sondcat....Paris Persian..M.Sleek.....just to name a few.

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