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what's with this calling everyone "guys"? When I was a child growing up in the UK, a "guy" was an effigy, named after Guy fawkes. Then there was the play"Guys and Dolls". OK? Yes, I'm OK with that. But please, I am not a guy. Then, my dears, there is...wait for it.....Girls".Hey, wait a minute, I just wish, but, not a girl. I would not call you "boy". You are definitely my man..or a man, or gentleman, scholar,officer,sir or darling. radically different ways maybe, to be settled over a glass of Chardinay..or what have you. How abot "chum, bloke, mate" the list goes on. But please not "guys".. As a teacher, I have found that calling out to the children,Notice I did not say kids,"alright you lot" does the trick. In fact they laugh. One little dear covered his mouth and whispered"there she goes again'. hey, wasn't he the one that snidely remarked"Miss, are you sure you know what you're doing"? I fix a grin on my face, no, don't go there, "great sense of humour henry". Ooh, there's your dad, there you go". Resisting the urge to bend down and scream under the desk. Tootals


OK all you fitness buffs out there. Exercise is essential and uplifting. Right? I firmly believe in that, and fully intend to do so. Senior Citizens take note...I did take tennis lessons, went out and bought appropriate gear. Shoes, you name it, Macy and others loved me, as i walked I come, venus and Serena watch out. Lying prone on the court, I decided enough already. Who knew? All that running and jumping, I felt muscles I never knew were mine. Miniature golf has to be the in thing now. Chortles of laughter and cheers waft back to me as I pass the course, on my way to have my back massaged back in shape. I did enjoy the fun afternoon with friends. Except.....who invited those know it all kids, making snide remarks. Oh wait..they belonged to my fellow players, er, golfers. so what if I did hit one on the head as I emulated hat well known man..and woman.....Next time I lowered my arm a trifle, but a stabbing pain hit me in the elbow. Not good. Nothing a hot shower couldn't fix. Right? Wrong. Well, dear fellow athletes, I really would take up inline skating. must be fair to walkers and joggers. They do have rights too. Did I mention Jogging? HaHa.Been there, did that. So now I walk. As I told my therapist, with all the housework etc. that surely must be enough. Nope. Guess who bought light workout tapes for exercise in private. being a senior has its compensation,at times. We just don't have the guilt. Well, not as much anyway. Tootals

She was the scruffiest belligerent mess when we first adopted her.

She was the scruffiest belligerent mess when we first adopted her. She
tried to run away, but i did the mile in one minute and grabbed her. She
finally calmed down, but let us know that she ruled. No ifs or buts.
next came the surprising fact,,to her..that we accepted, laughed..with
her..and loved her.
A tad fussy at first with her food, but no surprie there. After all,
she'd run pretty much loose, as do all run aways. Next came the shots,
grumbling and stuck out tongue. Then the big shocker. Diabetes. More
shots, doctors,diets, and lots of exercise. O.K. sorry there, mate,
can't be helped.
Mummy's girl, hated to not see me , complained when I had to leave or
go on errands. Hey, no work, no food, kid. Diabetes led to glaucoma. ut
bravery wins out .She still has a ferocious appetite, roast beef,
vegies and cookies. But in spite of all the love and care, nothing
really helped the lat few weeks.
Tearfully and heavy hearted, we gently placed Lizzie on my lap, and
drove her to her final port of call.
Lizzie, the courageous half Ausralian Shephard, Schnauzer, went to her
final rest on Thursday.
How we miss her....................

It is with deep regret that we note the passing of Lizzie.

Lizzie was a faithful and dutiful companion to Eileen Levy for over eleven years.
She will be missed by all.
Please join us in our 18 bark salute to our departed friend.

Ever feel like you're walking down the yellow brick rd

Ever feel like you're walking down the yellow brick rd? Today was one of them. There we were painting and drawing. Me and all the othere kids. by that, i mean I was the teacher. A rumbling and a crashing overhead. Lights shaking and pictures ballet leaping off the walls. O> Either an earthquake or a horde of VERY heavy people moving in to the condos. The little ones were looking at me. Seriously. OK sweeties. The elephants are moving the couch, er. the bedroom set...Nope, by gum, its the elephant dacing class. AND, its the lovely Elvira herself doing the elephant waltz. The kids thought it was hilarious. BUT, memories of WW2 and air raids. Everybody OUT. By then it had stopped rumbling. Parents driving up to collect their kids. EARThQUAKE in N. Virginia.Pentagon evacuated. Washington DC. calm and collected. And listen folks, that't the way it is here. We evacuate, go outside, and wait to see what REALLY happened. Another episode of As the world turns" . Tootles

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