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Its not the cell phones so the completely oblivious drivers. 
OK . how about the one who signaled left.  That's good I thought, even
if he's talking. maybe listening. ...But then ...he turned
right.....OK.. I braked in time.. But then, he rummaged in his glove
compt. Brought out his lunch. Fine, poor man has no time for a break. I
understand. Swerving across the double line,  he signaled right. On no
you don't, I smiled. Go ahead and turn left, see if I care. But...he
then decided not to turn...not this time anyway. Right now, if I;d had
his email. I would have invited him into McDonalds. Obviously, the poor
dear was deprived of nutrition. The brain does peculiar things when
that happens. Whoops, there's a police car pulling him over. I wonder
if he finished his lunch.

Modern Art

As an art teacher, and artist, I admire all attempts at painting,
drawing, what have you. Seeing the lovely Autumn leaves fall, I.m
tempted to grab handfuls and throw them on my canvas.  maybe tread in
the paint and walk on it. Nope, that's been done. besides, I alway
forget to wipe my shoes.  Maybe just feet this time. OK, tried it.
forgot I had allergies. maybe one of the kindergarten tykes would like
to try something new... I explained; showed them different
pictures....Aha, good old Rembrandt. Van Dyke? Van Gogh. The one who
chucked paint? Good old Whatsisname.  So we decided to just experiment
with brushes and found objects.Twigs, flowers,acorn shells. "Success is
mine"." Lovely, they're really into this project. I'm incurring a love
of art."  Until, one dear little chap, turned to his table mate, and
said " let's humour her, she gets paid for this"...........


ever wonder why so many things remain unworn and pathetically hanging
in your closet? I've definitely made up my mind to donate and throww. 
So why am I reluctant to discard this lovely cosy sweater? OK it has a
few pulled threads. Alright, big deal, the dog slept on it once. So I
washed it. But wait, she loved it.  No, cannot part with it. Reminds me
of her. And there's still sadness when I realise she's gone. But she
had a very good life. Aha, and here's that adorable blouse with Mickey
Mouse on the shoulder.  But, it's too cute. so now i really start
piling things up to give away. Out and away with you.. need i say more.

Cross your fingers, say the words

have you noticed how many things we copy from our parents? i find myself tying cords with rubber bands. Then i have one heck of a time undoing them. My mother did that. Why? who knows. Avoiding coloured candies, because "they're harmful. Well, could be because of the sugar, but why not tell us that. Instead of thinking a spell was placed on them. Then the shoes. Oh those shoes. Kick them off at the door. Dirty? No my dears...bad luck in the house. Umbrellas not down in the doorway? Again, The bearer of badness will get you. Spit 3 times over your shoulder? Who knows. Just don't do it in public. The maven of Hygiene will haul you in. Make a wish the first of the month and look for white rabbits. That was my dad's. Who really wasn't superstitious....I wonder.....Friday night is mine. The whole bit. Candles, pray for peace and good health. Tootles


Native Americans believed in him. The trickster. he who plays games. Not always to your advantage. maybe never. Well, I think he's out there. especially after today. The dress looked great in the store. Red, good colour on me. Just right for a casual but "nice" evening. Fit OK too. Considering I'm more odd then even...sort was on sale. Gleefully i arrived home and tried on dress again to show my daughter. Err. why is it now tight under the arms? And ..wait a sec...Red? looks more like pink in daylight. Receipt? I had it a minute ago. Empty the purse. Oh no, here;s the stub from last month. Couldn;t find it then. OK back to the store. Then there's the supermarket. Lovely grapes. Meat on sale. Life is good. ....Ohno. Grapes are bad underneath. Looking forlorn as I wash them. meat? Remind me not to buy that cut again. So rough it's ready to fo against Ali in the ring. Then there are the shoes....Fit perfectly in the store. I was whatsaname the top model as I sashayed up and down trying them. ..So how come when I wore them that evening, they hurt like.............. I tell you my dears. Its the Trickster. Out to get me. Then.. my pet peeve,if you will. That gadget with the annoying voice. that ethe cogniestenti all have for their cars. Clips on the mirror. . last time my friend used it, we wound up in someone's driveway. Not the one we wanted. The System then told us to use the next left. I thought I heard her laughing. No, not so, I was told. I hate it when the driver clenches his teeth and won.t answer me.

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