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We all make decisions. But  then we have to live with the results. Cut
back on TV says I. Self says "OK. I can do that". But then while I
read, I want to snack on something. Not good, because who can stop at
half a potato chip? Throw out the TV. No, can't do that. because guests
like to watch. OK stop inviting people to visit us. Nah, won't work,
because they won't want us to see them either. Solution> Just see the
programs that are worthwhile. Great. B

But...half the time I forget what I want to watch/

One of my 7 year old students is planning a campout in his back yard
with friends. They've made out a list of things to place in the tent.
First, the food. Then his dog. But I explained the dog may not want to
spend the whole night in the tent. "he can watch TV. He loves the ads
for dog food". Sorry, I should have known" says I. Then the list grows.
"Games, all my games. We really don;t need a flashlight, But maybe ,
just in case, Mom gets worried" " "My cell phone, you never know, calls
come in". It seems  its all planned. How fast they grow up, I muse.".
"Ooops, he says, "almost forgot, have to have my blankie".


call it a minor peeve, negative aspect, silly sally or what have you.
But what is going on with thse hospital and doctors examing room gowns?
if they get any shorter, they will be neck pieces. I laughed when given
one in the ER the other week. Well, not really laughed, I'd broken my
nose, {another story{. Then, I had to stagger to the scanner, holding
the bits and fragments to cover my ahem back. They shoved me in a chair
to stop my whining.I did offer to bring in a box of Kleenex to make up
the difference. No sense of humour there kids.  One of my friends did
complain when she had a colonoscopy.,about said short gown.  In the
middle of her complaint, she fell asleep. One way to deal with


ever notice when you go to a restaurant, its "table for 2?" No, I want
to be myself, I.m in a bad mood, sulking, ready to do karate chops,"
just One please. "

Oh dear, we are out there dearie aren't we." And then, looks are
directed at you. Hmm, she must be newly single. Wonder if her ex is
nice? I do have someone who's looking. dare I ask her? No, she may
throw something at me. But, on the other hand, if it's a male,  a sweet
wait person, female, will come over, and ask "what can I get you, or
are you still looking?" OK notebooks out kids, see if I'm almost right.

.I love my cell phone. But what is this thing for texting? I have 6
text messges  newly arrived from outer Mongolia. Has to be that place,
because i absolutely do not understand the language. Must be they
forgot the vowels, because "Fxs" among other stuff does not reach into
this fuzzy brain. I love quizes. Right there with the weekly pub bit
and newspaper. hands up for capitol of upper Ziparrsqutan. It stumped
me too. And everyone else. Spelling was way off. Anyway, dearies, be
kind to us ole creatures out there, just leave a message, we will
return the call. promise.


Oh if we had the gift to see us as others do, as Robbie Burns once
said. I am returning the jeans that make me look like a retro hippo.
Looked fine in the store. But the light of day is very unkind.I quit
wearing miniskirts years ago, but still feel nostalgic. My mother used
to say"mutton dressed up as lamb" when I would wear something she
deemed inappropriate for my age. But we're all living longer. so that
should count for something. Men don't have that problem, do they? A
shirt is a shirt. No frills , well, maybe on occasion. I did see a very
senior feller racing down the Beltway on his motor bike. Here comes
Granma Moses, wait, no, I don't think so. There's that age thingy again.


needed a few items , so popped in to my local "has it all". Walking
down the cereal aisle. there were 2 kiddies on the floor.Going over the
merits of about 4 boxes. "hey, this one has lots of fibre" said one tow
headed boy of about 7."No, this one has less sugar". "Well. this one
has more vitaimins".I was tempted to join in, but refrained. What ever
happened to "this one has more toys"? OK so I'm a dinasaur. Move on
kid, the scene's changed.  I heard a yell. ", this is it, Star Wars".
And there he was. The little boy holding aloft his cereal box.  Some
things never change. Thank you...thank you..

By the way, I refuse use the self service check out.These automated
self thingies are too confusing.  A barcode missing, it won't cry for
help to the nearest guru. So many out of work people, where are you?
Yes, I know, its the pay factor. But...dear market people, you are
losing me to friendly Wegmans and others like them. Go online and there
they are.  I was pointed to a non existant cashier at one time. maybe
because of my so aged look. But so was the woman behind me. All of 24
maybe. NO no no. Said I , tapping my ruby red shoes. I want a real live
person.  Crying does not help...Anyway too demeaning. Self image is
important, especiall if one is a teacher, and there are students you
know somewhere around. ..Smiling helps.........

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