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Superstitious? No, not me, luv..What a silly notion, walking under a
ladder is fatal? Black cats are an omen? Come on now, we must theow
away all these old tales. Now take my horoscope for instance. Please,
someone take it.I.m supposed to be on my guard against unforeseen
happenings. Shall I just hop back in to bed and read a good book? Or
will the bed collapse under me. Oh no. I defiantly brave the new day
and venture forth.  It seems we Libras have to work hard to be
understood. We're not really that indecisive, just non'judgemental.
Today;s read?.  There's a stranger lurking. Hope he has chocolates. So,
the truth is, we all have to be  in control, as much as possible
anyway. Away with superstition.  Incidently, my lucky number is


I have become an addict. . Not of the usual TV  series. No, the plastic
fixed smiles put me off. I like  P.B.S.. . It,s not just that though.
Its comforting to see warts, double chins and wrinkles. We are not all
lovely young ones. Jealousy..ahem..rears its ugly head. Yes, I do wish
at times, I could go back in time. But confess, don't we all. Judy
Whatsername. superbly clearing the way for us older ones. Cate waving
her sword at the enemy, and Jane Seymour, glamourous as ever. So off I
go to Target. deciding which of the age reducing creams to purchase.
Aha, there it is. OK PBS, I.m ready for my best shot..


hands up those of you out there who've wandered around a parking garage  looking for your car? You know you left it on the 4th level. So, which
idiot moved it? OK maybe the 3rd level. Not funny. especially when  there's an urgent call to go you know where. Call a cab and scout the
terrain? Nah, that's goofy. Well, let's start again. I went to the  doctor's office in the building...right there.'s my
parking stub...right here. In my pocket. Duh. Knew it all the time of  course. Way up on top. I smile and say thanks to the nice young man who
tried to help me. Obviously thinks I.m one confused demented soul. Pay  my fee, and away i go. Another day..another dollar.

Food Wars

therearedefinitely triggers that have us overeating. Emotional,  physical, you name it. been there. Give those thougts a name. deal with
it. ask why you don't like apples. I don't, but it lowers over the top  cholestrol. So stew them with jam. On toast in the morning... Lots of
veggies If you have to eat out, most restaurants will  accomodate...Chocoholic?.many of us. But walking and observing what's  happening out there. If it's Spot or Rover, they'll tell you. and lead  you to where there'a action. Take control. One step at a time.


what is with diets that make us want to look as if we;re from a prison cell in outer Clovovia? First, they don't work, it's the mind set that
has to change. Do not eat unless you really really are hungry. Ready to fight for that last scrap of moldy cheese. All those famous stars,
Monroe etc. were size 12, and that never stopped them from being goddesses. No my dears, the diet industry has us all fooled. I lead the
way for sanity. Follow me and eat healthy. No,  slap that hand away from that choc bar.  OK one small piece is alright. We will not obsess
about food. Well, one binge a week might be allowed. Did you know a bowl of fat free popcorn with many flavours will satisfy? Try it. You will be super surprised. And just think. Fitting into that great suit again, move over, you TV  star whatsit....

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