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Tootals from Eileen

all things right and dutiful..all doorlocks great and small

Cats need attention or the world is against them...Good reading
materials help...preferably some with pictures, dogs please...or
if there are...very small illustrations are good. They can
write out a menu..of something that appeals to them. New beds are
enticing. Empty boxes are first...But boring after a while.
Balls of yarn intrigue.  Especially when they  knit a warm blanket.
other than that..just a tangled mess they can play in.Cell phones are a
huge help..loneliness is thus avoided. But wait...the list is
endless....more ....another day


I love animals, especially the friendly ones. But driving along rte 29
this evening, the car in front of me was wiggling side to sside.  A
sweet dog in the back seat was waving at me. her or his owner was
probably asking said dog to stop. So it did. But maybe bacause I didn't
do the right wave, it jumped...up and down...Really showing me the
right moves. Driver at this point probably telling Rover or Rovette to
wait till they got to the gym. I decided to pass them. Much as I hated
to stop being an audience to said dog. But I felt bad. Mostly for
Rover..or Rovette...but maybe there was a message for me. I come

Credit cards

How do people manage with all those credit cards? I can just about do
the math on mine. A friend has 10 of them. OK I suppose you can always
play Monopoly with them,, if bored. She can also fly the friendly
skies, with one. For free. That's lovely, but I want one that drives me
somewhere, stops at Wendy's....and takes me shopping.  Oh, I  forgot to
mention the discount stores.. and a robot that does

my hair.Now who do I mail this list to.

Dish for all

Do you have Master cat who sometimes doesn't  appear when needed? I
have found this works. ..For me too

cheese goodies

1 oz marg or butter.....3 oz flour....2 oz crumbled cheese..2 egg
whites...seasoning...enough water or milk to bind mixture

place by teaspoon on greased baking dish. Oven set at 325 until
browned. Place more cheese on tops when done, if Cat would approve.
Wave dish in air. They will appear in their own time, you realize. Put
on the coffee or tea. Tell them you are quite willing to share this
with them.

Not me, it was the dog

you know that chewed up piece of paper you found in the front hall? It
was that creature...the dog. Cat would NEVER do that.Cats disappear
when bad things happen. They have perfect hiding places. Scoped out
long before,,They obviously have the house plan.Guilty cats have "cute"
down to a fine art. Dogs are always aware of their next meal. Therefore
the wanting to please..and the tail wag. Dogs do not need privacy.
Scratching their ears, no matter what they're doing, pleases them.
Reading, writing, sleeping, any time is the right one. Cats, on the
other hand, insist you respect their time alone. After all, there are
certain matters to attend to. maybe a significant other that needs
calling. Now..if I could only tap into their secret....

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