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She That Was Lost

That cat   is giving me great anxiety problems. I was in a hurry to
take my art entries over to the Art Space. Late as usual, and tripping
over myself.   Little did I know that Cleo, "she who reigns" had waltzed out
the door   with me. Home I came. after a great exhibit, to cries
of "where is Cleo"?   Can't find her anywhere. I room to anothere. No
Cleo. A faint   meow ...where.?..I open the back door to the deck...A
bedraggled Cleo   majestically strolls in..Smirking at me...Yes,Virginia,cats smirk when   necessary....She had been napping in Lizzie's bed out back. Lizzie was our lovely mutt who passed away last month. Sorely missed..Many tears. Cleo   had found comfort in Lizzie's
old bed.on the deck...after all, Cleo was   her puppy. Or at least that
was her belief. Who would be the one to tell   her otherwise?

Cleo is her very own person..oops..I meant cat... When it's cold
outside..she disappears in to a closet. Remains silent when we call
her. We yell "nip.nip" which is" *Katonovian"* for "catnip". No answer.
But..freddy the Other Cat..male of course, dives into the fragrant
leaves. ..Gotcha..he preens. Then swaggers off to his own domain. The
whole house.all his...he pretends indifference towards me.  The Mother
Cat..or is it Grannie Cat? But jumps on the counter,,and waits..Until I
open the can of his choice. He points. I think I'm opening the right
one. Well, he hasn't thrown it back at me ...yet.  Where would we be
without our "housemates"? Financially better off of course. Are they
worth it?  You betcha.......
*Martian maybe"

Am I Late or Are You Early?

I am always late. It's a genetic trait. Has to be. I make it a point to
have things done...the car is ready...gas in the tank...purse in one
hand..list in the other. And off we go ...But wait..what am i's's not really...but it may get
cold..back in the art supplies...I teach
today...oh no..the notes...ah.there they are...cell phone's
calling...let it ring....can't do that...could be one of my
kids...sales person? Oh come on now. Didn't i subscribe to you know what?
I throw myself in the i am..oops..sorry for the how glad you are to be here. Laugh. Haha..didn't
people know its odd shoes day? After all, isn't that what life is all

Long May She Reign

What is it with cats? They ignore you, look right through as if you
were non existent. time to be fed. And then..they are
really doing you a favour by eating. Oh. and please..I do mean
please...vary the dish not, put out the same thing twice. They
do have rights you know. It's called "the ability to pick and choose".
And when a new cardboard box enters the not discard until
they have explored..and have no further use for it. Shoes..well, that's
the dog's thing. Please do not leave them lying around. have you no
sense of the finer things in life. Furry scarves and bits of
yarn..maybe. Royalty asks that you obey.We felines give you love. Well
sort of..if you what's good for you.

Dogs Rule

Dogs rule. Let.s face it. Max has been very tolerant til now. But you
don't come between a feller and his food. Borrow his toys...maybe...but
there.s a limit.. Next thing you know, Cat will make off with his
favorite pillow. And as you well deal there folks. Does he
try to eat her stuff. Of course not. It's vile. Besides, he has to
perfect that begging hungry look. caught him in front of the mirror
practicing. It's his house. His person. He may share depends.
just remember who comes first.

Clean UP Thursday

Today was Clean UP Thursday. Out came the broom. Next the bucket and
mop. We vacuumed and dusted. Up those stairs and down again.  Cats
following in our footsteps.  Just a minute..I heard a very plaintive
miouw.'s shut in somewhere. Race back down, open all doors.
Not in there mate.  Garage..that's where she is.  Race out there, slide
on kitchen wet floor. Ouch..Not in garage. Wet paw stroking my face.
There you are. Good. Now where's the other cat? Shut in the hall
closet..I bet...No...Miouw from upstairs. Charge up there. Cat on
bed..very comfortable. Off... this minute please. have to change the
sheets. We then had a minute of open defiance. Time for a cup of the paper..Leave the rest for Clean Up Friday

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