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Excercise is good..right?

Exercise is good..right? Except many of us do not like to do it in public gyms. After all, I could really have done without the many offers of assistance when I fell off the treadmill. Who knew it would go that fast? And I did not mean to trip over the lady who was doing curls on the floor. Who does curls on the floor anyway? OK she does.Then there was the lap pool. Cold is fine, but Arctic cold is something else.  Screaming is definitely not allowed in these places. But..can
you believe the pleading calls I have received since I left? And here i thought they were glad to be rid of me. hate to think it's the money.....

Shoe as Chaise Lounge

Don't you just love the advice on health issues? Sit in a better position for back pain. Do not...i not sit too long.  ..OK.. in a restaurant for instance.. get up and walk.  If you have a bad memory..please remember where you left your companion. Nothing worse than asking the poor waiter who is half submerged by his enormous tray. Took one lady half an hour to find her dad who has Alzheimers. Another lovely idea...try Yoga....bend and stretch,,that's right. Just make
sure there's someone within calling distance. Many moves are great ..but pretzels are not one of them. One female who promotes this looks fantastic. Is it just a rumour that she.s had back surgery...twice ?  Alright then. Sitting in a chair..we can do this. Kick..oops. one leg at a time please. Oh and do watch out for the dog..or cat. "Why did you do that?" Walking around the block is excellent. if the weather is OK. Do let me know if I've been helpful.  I do try......Tootals

Dog Talk

so many things I miss about my dog lizzie. One of then is the
conversation. We talked a lot. At least, i did. She just listened. An
occasional "woof" now and then. if someone didn't clean up a mess on
the sidewalk, we complained to each other...If the cats were fighting,
I asked her to intervene.  She always asked to go out to do her thing.
We often talked about that. "Hey, it's cold out there". "Think we
should wear coats"? She would just wag her tail.  "Yes"  Many times,
lugging the vacuum cleaner to the bedroom , I would ask her if  she
would help. Closing doors. We would chat about problems we  had. Her
head on my lap. "Don't bother with all that stuff, "Just rub my head".
........ I imagine she is still with me............Tootals

Memory. Not good unless.

dogs do not...i not like new stuff. Unless its food, cooked
to their own specific menus..and then..make sure it has nothing in it
to entice new customers. And please...when using pooper scooper
devices, nothing that will tell of previous stews..soups..pate or hors
doevres.....Dogs do not like sharing space. Any space. Move over, you
scum.....New? Let me think about it. OK time's up. NOT. No use for it.
Is that an unmentionable? CAT? Good grief. Back to the drawing

Organized...I mean..really...

I make out lists. OK I admit it. They are my "thing". It gives me a
break from all the other serious stuff. Like cleaning up my art mess.
Well, my paintings are important, but they take thought. Lots of it.
Then there's the mop. The bucket etc..I digress...back to the lists.
Meticulous of course. Backs of envelopes, receipts, kitchen rolls. You
name it.  I do buy those ever so cute notepads. In a drawer they go.
But...ever notice how they migrate? To the Land of Other notepads. 
Gone...Eaten by alien beings who only eat..guess what..Into the store I
go. With my List.. Now. Lesser costlier items are Always on the Bottom
shelf. It's a Heloise fact..I think...So there I was ..perusing the
Lower Shelves..when I knocked over several cans of tomato sauce...being
a good concerned shopper..I started to replace them. Oops..I bumped
into another woman also scanning Bottom Shelves.. She graciously
murmured something like OK.,,,, Maybe...At this point I moved on
looking at Other Shelves. As I was rummaging through my purse..delving seemed that way. Looking guessed
it..Shopping assistant asked if I needed  help.
Lovely....Come on now.....Guess what I have...........

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