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more to come this week. A woman phoned the animal abuse hotline here in town. She had seen a dog tethered to a fence by its house. The dog looked very depressed and so hungry. The rescue people showed up at the door, owner was interviewed. said dog had just been walked. For rhe third time that day. Been fed..for the second time.... that day......turns out that this particular breed of dog has a constant lugubrious expression. Always looks sad...and lonely...throw in forlorn,,.....and friendless. You know the breed.....owner was not amused. But he loves that dog..So how do you tell a pet to smile?

Observations the new reply to the gym. So get out those gloves, dust off that rake and let's biz the busy. OK so you like those pretty weeds. On to planting the food for dinner. That's not so bad now is it? Straighten up that cando it. Just think how great you're going to look. Tootals


I may be be a lonely voice crying out in the wilderness...but...i do not understand facebook... Who are you? And why do you want me as your "like"? You are probably lovable, full of virtue, and saintly. But I may be the daughter of the Stratford Strangler. Or..the Marble Arch Mangler..........Don't get me wrong...Its a luvly idea...but too invasive......I found myself frantically trying to keep up with technology. Visions of dinasaurs came to mind. not sugar plum fairies.... Even the cats ran off miouwing, when they heard me slapping my head. OK you ever so young blokes out there... enjoy your thousands of new likes. hello..that;s me .head on the keyboard..........Tootals


Buried reasure is all to a dog. He will dig..and triumphantly reward you...a rusty can,...a mildewed bone...a long lost key....a shoe......the reward is a hug...Olympics watch out. he will march up to the victor's place and bow to the roars of the multitude. Oh noble max or maxina........well done. Please thank him. Tootals


Never really gave it much thought.'s amazing the chemicals used now on those poor lil veggiesetc. Europe has banned hose pesky sacks of mayhem...but not the U.S. So its up to us, kid For starters....fruits...veggies...most greens...It really is worth it. To misquote the Bard....Hie thee to an organicry............Don't pass the salt....vinegar and pepper if you please. Don't blame the salt people, they only want to please. maybe? High blood levels don't need the pesky white stuff. As far as sea salt, leave it to the whales. They "orca" know better. OK bad pun. Lentil and bean stew with tomatoes and a dash of vinegar, spices. I'll be right there. I'll even bring the salads.......tootals

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